Affiliate Travel Agent / Advisors Wholesale / DMC / Tour Operator Enterprise
Monthly User Cost US$29 US$59 US$99 POA
Commission (on MarketPlace Sales) Earn up to 5% Commission^ Earn up to 12% Commission^ Earn up to 15% Commission^ Negotiable
Fee on Licensee Loaded Product FREE FREE 2.50% Negotiable
SIGN-UP OFFER First 12 Months Waived Monthly User Fees First 3 Months Waived Monthly User Fees First 3 Months Waived Monthly User Fees -
CMS (Edit Pages)
      Home Page
      About Us Page
      Privacy Page
      Terms & Conditions Page
      Integration with CRM’s*
      Integration with Payment Gateways*
      Integration with Account Software & Mid-Office*
      Full Reporting of Sales
      SSL On all Pages
Customise User Interface from Multiple Templates
Dynamic Content Optional Optional
      500,000 Hotels** Optional Optional Optional
      1,000+ Airlines** Optional Optional Optional
      1,000+ bus Companies** Optional Optional Optional
      100,000+ Activities, trains, ferries & events** Optional*** Optional*** Optional*** Optional
      Add Additional APIs Optional*** Optional*** Optional*** Optional
CMS Content - Optional Optional Optional
      Add Hotels - Optional Optional Optional
      Add Airlines - Optional Optional Optional
      Add Bus Companies - Optional Optional Optional
      Add Activities, Trains, Ferries & Events - Optional Optional Optional
Dynamic Payment Solutions Optional Optional Optional
Use eRoam Payment Gateway Optional Optional Optional
Use Own Payment Gateway Optional*** Optional*** Optional*** Optional***
Automate Domestic Payments (Single Currency) Optional**** Optional**** Optional****
Automate Cross Border Payments (Multiple Currencies) Optional**** Optional**** Optional****
Access eRoam Artificial Intelligence Optional**** Optional**** Optional****

^ Commission levels may vary per supplier and product.

* Please check at the time of on boarding of the available intergrateable 3rd party solutions.

** The MarketPlace is always growing as is dependent on options chosen during the on boarding stage.

*** Set-up fees may apply on selected “Optional” features.

**** Transactions or monthly fees may apply on selected “Optional” features.