Affiliate Travel Industry Enterprise
Setup Cost / Monthly User Cost FREE FREE POA
Commission Earn up to 5% Commission* Earn up to 10% Commission* Negotiable
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      Full reporting of sales
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Own payment gateway - Optional Optional
Dynamic Content Optional
      500,000 Hotels** Optional Optional
      1,000+ Airlines** Optional Optional
      1,000+ bus Companies** Optional Optional
      100,000+ Activities, trains, ferries & events** Optional Optional
CMS Content - Optional** Optional**
      Add Hotels - Optional** Optional**
      Add Airlines - Optional** Optional**
      Add Bus Companies - Optional** Optional**
      Add Activities, Trains, Ferries & Events - Optional** Optional**
Use eRoam Payment Gateway Optional Optional
Use Own Payment Gateway - Optional Optional
Access eRoam Artificial Intelligence Optional Optional

*Earn up to 5% & 10% Commission - Land Content (Air Content Negotiable)

**Licensees can choose what content (Hotels, Airlines, Bus Companies, Activities etc) that is displayed on their site.